New Features 9/30/2023

September 30, 2023
  • Your company's performance is now easily accessible, in summary or in detail, with comprehensive metrics reports (View > Metrics). Look at scheduled and available resources, or utilization percentages. View summaries, or detailed breakdowns, or both, by job, resource type, and many others. View any time range, past or future, by day, by week, or by month. Now you don't have to guess how you're doing. You'll know.
  • A new field report (Reports > Jobs Board Report) displays the resources assigned and available employees for each job by day, providing an excellent overview for your field personnel.
  • You've probably already noticed the yellow triangle icons, denoting that a job or resource has ended or is about to end. It has been enhanced to display if an employee's licenses or union memberships are expiring. Rolling over the icon displays the details.
  • The job timeline (Plan > Job Timeline) now optionally displays job activities. Open the filters and check or uncheck Show Job Activities to turn it on or off.
  • Time entries can now track subcontractor and equipment time, and resource quantities and ticket numbers can be attached to an entry, to model picking up material or other resources from one or multiple suppliers.
  • The new support site is where you can find answers to your questions, watch demonstration videos, post bug reports and feature requests, and talk to ControlBoard® developers directly. Choose Help from the main menu will take you there.

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