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ControlBoard®  is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based construction scheduling system created by industry experts to manage resources, crews, trucking, subcontractors, and dispatching for commercial and residential construction firms.

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Resource Scheduling

For easy and flexible scheduling, ControlBoard® is the industry standard. Just drag labor, equipment, material, subcontractors, and crews to the desired job and day. Or drag the job to the resource. Or use the timeline views. With full SMS support, you can text tomorrow's schedule to all employees with the click of a button. However you prefer to

Crew Management

The most powerful crew scheduling in the industry. Create crews of labor and equipment with a few clicks and schedule them exactly like other resources. Changing crew members and assigning and removing floating resources is a snap.


Automatically generate timesheets from scheduled resources, then modify them as you please. Define your own cost codes, time-entry types, and approval hierarchies, to create timesheets ready to export to your accounting system.


Create routes by assigning a driver, truck and trailer, and schedule stops. Dispatch the drivers with built-in text messaging. Schedule heavy equipment moves, and pickups and dropoffs of material and other assets to multiple locations.

Resource Tracking

ControlBoard® tracks every change in the schedule, flags any resource conflicts, and integrates with your existing equipment GPS system to display equipment locations on a map, all in real time. You'll always know where your assets are, where they've been, and where they're going to be.

Multi-user and Cross-Platform

ControlBoard® is entirely cloud-based and event-driven, which means every user sees every change in real time. It works on every device, on every operating system, from every location. Smartphones, tablets, iPads. Windows, Mac, Unix. Home, field, office. Anywhere, anytime.


ControlBoard® integrates with all major construction accounting and ERP systems, using either their API, their database, or both. Companies, jobs, job activities, labor, equipment, material, subcontractors, job costs, file attachments, and production quantities can be automatically imported, from multiple packages, on any schedule you choose. Of course manual importing from spreadsheets and two-way sync are also completely supported.

A few of the many platforms we integrate with. (Ask if you don't see yours, it's probably supported.)

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