Onboarding Your Data

Robert Moskal
January 26, 2022

Perhaps you are coming to ControlBoard®  after years of scheduling your company using spreadsheets and whiteboards. Congratulations on your success!

Or maybe you're augmenting your existing systems and processes to take advantage of our best-in-class construction scheduling.

Either way, reaping the rewards of better scheduling depends on getting your company data into ControlBoard®.

Almost every entity ControlBoard®  tracks can be imported from and synched up with other systems.

But where to begin?

When you sign up, our onboarding specialists will evaluate your situation, your existing data, processes, and systems, and will provide you with tools and assistance for importing the data you need to make effective use of ControlBoard®.

Most of our customers start with companies (customers and subcontractors), employees, and jobs. But we also handle equipment, job activities, job costs, materials, and production quantities, as well as existing resource allocations.

We can do this once, using the spreadsheet templates we provide. You can update that data yourself right in the application as needed.

In most cases we can load your data and have you running ControlBoard® the same day.

If you have more sophisticated requirements, we integrate with a host of accounting, project management, and fleet tracking packages, and can handle even bespoke software systems.

The data onboarding process is an excellent opportunity to review your current process and make them even better!

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