New Features 1/1/2024

January 1, 2024
  • Text messaging has been vastly enhanced. A complete message history is now available at View > Text Messages. Notifications are specific to each user, so you see what you haven't personally read, even if others have. Party information is displayed for each message, when available. And texting now provides an additional Resources tab, where you can send general messages to your employees, or even to parties outside the organization, whether they're scheduled or not.
  • The front page now includes a job calendar. The moment you open ControlBoard®, your month's schedule is there at a glance.
  • Daily metrics are now available on all of the schedule screens. Simply open the filters, choose your preferred metrics under Interval Metrics, and apply. Now you can see a summary of utilization, scheduled count, and much more, day by day.
  • The lists on the left of the schedule screens have been simplified. At the top they are divided into categories — labor, equipment, plan, crew, etc. — for quicker and easier navigation.
  • The scheduled filter has been enhanced to include filtering for conflicts as well.
  • Jobs now track contract value as well as total cost. Either or both can be imported from your accounting or estimating software.
  • Import messages (Admin > Import) now tell you exactly which items have been added or updated, in addition to the summary.

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