New Features 12/1/2022

December 1, 2022
  • A fully editable Daily Schedule has been added under the Schedule menu. Customers
    who schedule resources to multiple allocations throughout the day will find this
    super useful.
  • Hourly rates can now be defined on both resources and resource types, which allows
    comprehensive cost reporting. Rates can also be imported.
  • Jobs are now automatically end-dated, if necessary, when the job's status is set to
    Completed or Cancelled.
  • A Lock property has been added to allocations, to help prevent accidents when
    scheduling. When it is checked, the allocation cannot be deleted, moved to another
    job or have its time range changed. It can only be edited in place.
  • Fractional amounts on actual resources are now supported, and accounted for in
    conflict logic. For example, if you have an employee going to four jobs in one day,
    rather than setting the individual times, you can mark the quantity for each as
    0.25, and no conflicts will appear on the schedule.
  • A Return property has been added for equipment. When checked, the equipment is
    returned from its most recent allocation before now to the address of its owner.
    When unchecked, the equipment remains at the address of its most recent allocation.
  • Change history has been enhanced to include the actual properties that were changed,
    along with their old and new values.

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