New Features 02/01/2022

February 2, 2022
  • User privileges can now be managed at a fine level, including support for hiding specific menus, adding quick menus, and more. User edit, add, and delete permissions have also been refined, and are now enforced at the server level.
  • An Interval property has been added to Job Costs, allowing you to collect, and report on daily, weekly, or monthly expected output, and define customized output for specific intervals.
  • The import batch interface has been improved, and now displays the results of only the most recent runs instead of all of them. Support for importing Attributes (custom properties) and Contacts has been added.
  • Job costs, cost codes, and lookup values have a configurable display name, just like jobs and resources, and display names can be reconfigured "hot" without restarting the service.
  • There is a new configuration option to flag a conflict whenever an employee has been allocated for more than a given number of hours in a calendar day.
  • Long-running allocations persist approximately ten times faster.

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