New Features 3/15/2023

March 15, 2023
  • Forms: You can now use ControlBoard® to fill out and submit PDF forms! Forms can be added to jobs, timesheets, even individual allocations. Add them in Admin > Forms, and, much as you already do with Custom Properties, use them to collect and manage safety forms, job permits, etc. Contact us for assistance in getting your paper PDFs into ControlBoard®.
  • Forecasts: Use job forecasts to plan your entire schedule, then create it with one click.
    If you don't like the results, simply adjust the forecast and do it again. Forecasts can also be imported.
  • Graphql API access: It's your data! Query ControlBoard® programmatically and interactively as you need.
  • Incoming SMS messages can be forwarded to email address for times when you aren't in front of ControlBoard® or for archival/auditing purposes.
  • Job costs now support budgets, so you can compare your actual costs with your budget for each cost code on a job. Importing cost codes is also now supported.
  • Search has been enhanced, and now searches the entire universe of whatever you're looking for. No need to open the filters and click Show All before searching. No more wondering what happened to a job or resource
  • Addresses now auto-populate when creating a new job, allowing you to reuse addresses with ease.

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