Do you pay extra for training or support? Are you forced to open a ticket before getting help? Does your support team understand construction management and how to solve your issue?

The construction industry professionals at Congistics understand that you need answers, not answering machines. Our support staff know software, and they know construction. You talk live, with experts, at no extra charge.

ControlBoard® includes:

  • Live, one-on-one, group, and video training
  • Direct phone and e-mail access to our support team
  • In-depth technical support
  • Construction management experts who advise on best industry practices
  • Free configuration to tailor ControlBoard® to your needs
  • Consulting with your technical team to integrate with your environment


Get the maximum out of ControlBoard®.


How to schedule by job

How to schedule by resource

How to schedule by crew

Job Management

How to manage jobs

How to find a job or resource

Resource Management

How to manage resources


How to manage users

Download Import Templates

Spreadsheet files can be imported directly into ControlBoard®. To import, Go to Admin > Import. Either choose an existing batch or create a new one. Upload your file, which must be in comma-delimited (.csv) format. Excel spreadsheets can easily be saved in this format. Then hit apply. ControlBoard® will try to run the import, and either the results or any errors will be displayed when it completes.

Here they are:

Job Costs
Job Activities
Time Entries
Production Quantities

Import Service for Windows

Batches can be run in two modes, Overwrite on or off. When Overwrite is off, only new items will be imported. If an item in the sheet is already in ControlBoard, it will be skipped. When Overwrite is on, it's the opposite: only items already in ControlBoard will be changed, and new items will be skipped. When overwriting, each property in the sheet will be overwritten with the sheet's value. Any properties not included in the sheet will not be changed. If you wish to overwrite only one or two properties, simply remove all other columns from the sheet before uploading it.

When overwriting, the usual required properties are no longer required; for example, you can import equipment or employees without supplying resource types, since those already exist. However, you will always have to include an identifying column, either name or account code, depending on the type of object being imported.

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