My Users Can't Log In!

January 19, 2022

If the user can't access the login screen or ControlBoard® seems totally broken

Have your user go to this website: and mail the link to It is often a device- or browser-related problem and this will allow us to diagnose it quickly.

The user receives an "Incorrect username or password" error

If the user receives this message you should first make sure he is using the correct email address and password.

His ControlBoard® user name is the email address shown in the user admin screen.

His password is either whatever he selected when first logging into ControlBoard® or "incontrol" if logging in for the first time.

Resetting the Password

Once the user is certain about his username/email he can reset his password from the login screen, after providing the correct email address here:

The user will receive an email with a verification code. He should enter that code and provide a password on the next screen.

If no email arrives with the code, the user should check his spam email box or filter for the email.

The user may have never logged in and should first log in with the default ControlBoard password "incontrol".

If you are certain that the email the user has entered is correct and the "incontrol" password doesn't work, please contact us with the problematic email address.

The user receives a "Please be sure there is a user with an email address matching... " error

Contact ControlBoard® support, at, for help with this error. Please provide us with the problematic email address.

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